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Expecting a serial killer to suddenly pull back the shower curtain while you’re on the toilet.

Expecting a serial killer to suddenly pull back the shower curtain while you’re on the toilet.

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In honour of reaching 30,000 followers, SPH is hosting a small giveaway as our way of saying “thank you” for keeping the spirit of Harry alive with us this past year. From now until May 1st, anyone who reblogs this post will be entered to win the Potter wand of their choice from (excluding sets, illuminating wands, and Bellatrix’s wand that comes with the display). We will ship anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world. All we ask is if you’re under 18, please have parent permission to enter; we don’t want to be the center of any uncomfortable living room lecture that could arise if you don’t. 

There aren’t any real rules except reblogs only, likes don’t count, and we’d definitely prefer you were following us to enter, as this is a follower appreciation thing (and I promise this isn’t a ploy for more followers. 1.) We have thousands of followers, who we appreciate very much and would never take advantage of and 2.) People actually receive their prizes from our giveaways. We refuse to be one of those blogs).

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City of Heavenly Fire should have a warning in the beginning of the book. 

Warning: may contain feels. Please proceed with extreme caution

I can’t be the only girl who’s boobs sweat. 

TWO MONTHS UNTIL GAME OF THRONES SEASON 4. Pissed that they re-cast Daario. I liked the guy who played him before. Oh, well. As long as this new guy has good chemistry with Emilia/Dany, I’m fine. If they kill off Jon Snow, though, I’m not watching anymore. :( 

Thoughts on Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

Ok… So, no offense to anyone, but I am just a little concerned with how the VA movie is going to turn out. I am re-reading the books, and I have to admit, they got a lot of the casting right, but is there enough fans to keep the movie in for more than two weeks? Is it going to make enough so the directors can decide on a sequel? I don’t know. And the casting for Mia just makes me want to bash my head against the wall. Sami Gayle, the person they picked, is not at all who I imagined Mia to be. I pictured someone like Candace Acoola, or someone like her. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the casting choice for Dimitri, either. He looks like the guy I pictured in the books, but at the same time he almost looks… too old? I don’t know. And choosing a director who directed the movie Mean Girls, which I thought was kinda funny in a stupid way, probably made a lot of fans go “huh?”. From seeing the trailers-I haven’t seen the new clips, and if anyone can point me in their direction, that’d be great-, it looks like it’s going to be funny and sexy and smart with a bit of supernatural appeal. I was pissed when I saw that all the vamps had their fangs out, because that’s not how it’s supposed to be, and I hate when people make a “show” of vampires having vangs. It’s part of the reason why I stopped reading so many vampire books, because I felt like the fangs/blood/paleness was overdone. For example, I used to like the Vampire Diaries, but now? I don’t even want to watch it. I just hope they don’t make the Strigoi look stupid. The vampires in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones were kind of how I pictured Strigoi, and I think the Moroi were OK. Not great, but not bad either. I love that Natalie (Sarah Hyland) has glasses, because it just makes her seem that much more awkward. I also hate that they added “Blood Sisters” into the title, but maybe they’ll explain that in the movie? I don’t know. If they don’t explain it, I can ignore it. See, the problem with so many movies that are adapted from books is that they can never get it right. Catching Fire, on the other hand? That was incredible. If Francis Lawrence were to direct every movie made from a book, I would be happy. I also kinda want him to direct City of Ashes, and The Titan’s Curse. Hey, a girl can dream, right? I’m not crossing my fingers that Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters is going to live up to the book’s awesomeness, but as long as it’s somewhat close and not cheesy and pathetic (like Beautiful Creatures, which I was disappointed with because I loved the books), I’ll be fine.  

What do you think? 

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Not having a superpower stresses me out

SO like, I just read THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, by John Green, a few days ago. I was basically an emotional wreck for forty-eight hours. There should be a warning on the book:

Side-effects may include hysterical crying, screaming, and sleeplessness.

Sugar cubes, cheese buns, mangoes, blue food, and chocolate cake.